FORBINDELSER - tre forlatte husmannsplasser
(Connections - Three Abandoned Crofters Cottages)

This is a project curated by artist Beate Juell, director of Toten Art Association (Norway) 2016 - 2018.

Also participating artists:
Visual artist Caroline Ho-Bich-Tuyen Dang
Composer and musician Kjell Samkopf

Together we have created an art book with the same name. The book gives an impression and presentation of the three different art works and the project as a whole.
You can buy the book by contacting Falland Forlag - the publisher, or send me a note. More information will come.

My contribution to the project is a text work and objects in porcelain:

Notater om forvitring og glemte historier (Notes on weatherings and forgotten stories) with three small houses scaled down from one of the originale places, to fit in the palm of a hand. The work has as its stepping stone the fragmented stories which are possible to piece together today from abandoned tiny places, cottages or cave like dwellings in the woods, where workers on large, beautiful farms, used to live.

You can hear my reading of the text here (in Norwegian).

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