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IX ROM - I VENTE AV HENDELSE , sculptures by Beate Juell.

Saturday 9 May 2015, 16.00, Balke Centre, Toten.
Music by Frode Barth and Ole Kristian Nyhagen

Notes on IX ROOMS


six eggs grey floor
in front of yellow wall


It's something about iron:

Almost all the spaces have iron, there are also at least three rooms in the house without iron - and there are the rooms we do not see

—'The Delhi iron pillar is an example of the iron extraction and processing methodologies of India. The iron pillar at Delhi has withstood corrosion for the last 1600 years.'

—'It is the most common element (by mass) forming the planet Earth as a whole, forming much of Earth's outer and inner core.'


burnt clay
traces of woman
brown floor pale blue wall
traces of wall paint forms with uncertainty
about truth

The clay is burnt in 1260° - that is very hot, the flame blue and green
it means it will never erode, it means it is stretching for ever into the future
it is contemporary and yet of materiale outside time.
1500 years from now in 3515 it will still be here ...

So how to create a paradox of repose and flow?
This is the arrow
this is the feather of the raven

Gitar: Frode Barth