2004: woman stone red
video work
length: 16 min
direction, text, sound edit,performer: Tone Gellein
video: Tone Myskja

2001: Subject of Icons
Performed and created for Paulus Church, Oslo
Multimedia performance
concept, artistic direction, text, performance: Tone Gellein
video: Tone Myskja
choreography: Norman Douglas
music: Wolfgang Plagge and Luis Landra-Schreitt
song: Modus Ensemble - Gro Siri Johansen, Sandrah Silvio, Lucia Nigohossian

1999: Dødens endelighet - The Finality of Death
A Commission for The Church Music Festival, Oslo
Performers: Tone Gellein, Norman Douglas, Ingvild Wærhaug
Photos: Stein Jarle Nilsen

1997: fl@am.pro.no - "Jeg skulle så gjerne ha satt meg ved siden av deg en stund" - I so much wanted to sit down beside you for a while
A collaboration with Corinne Campos, performed at Det Åpne Teater, Oslo

video stills photo: Levent Ultanur photo: Levent Ultanur 1999, photo: Stein Jarle Nilsen 1997, photo: Per Heimly