I research the place of text in art, the trace of philosophy and image in video and photography.

Formally my work has been based in text moving freely between genres – poetic rather than dramatic. I am exploring distance to the audience, looking for unconventional and personal ways of communicating. My works has mostly been created for site-specific places (crypts, church spaces, studios, cellars), even though the last full length production was performed and constructed in a concert space (Parkteatret Scene/Oslo).

The subject matter is death, distance, objects, love, and more abstract and surreal universes, as an awareness moving between realities and dreams. Improvisation and stream of consciousness are tools in a structured dramaturgy. A poetic dramaturgical position.

I research distant, hidden and close connectedness and relations between the known and the unknown; subtle communications between layers of mind and body in society, in place and time.

I collaborate with other artists from most areas such as music, sound, sculpture, dance etc. I have a background in dance and academic studies (inc. social anthropology, theatre theory). The last 10 years moving into digital video and sound. A master in Art Writing - the space between literature and art, expands the possibility of words in a visual art context. The meeting point between text and image.

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